What is Mercens Living Area Technology?

Mercens Living Area Technology is much more than a management program. Beyond its professional management activities, it is a comfort enhancer that continues to satisfy its users by actively providing field services and ordering platform.

What does Mercen's provide?

It offers practical solutions for the management problems of apartments, entertainment centers, shopping malls and hotels on a single platform.

Management Panel
Income-Expense Tracking
Online Order
Malfunction Solution
24/7 Support

Easily view your expenses and money receipts with the accounting robot so you can track dues, receivables and debits, create a debt schedule and track money flow more effectively. Note that all invoices will also be integrated into this system.

Online Order

With Mercens Courier Platform, where you can forward your orders to your floor attendants, both practice and do not be surprised by the amount you need to pay. It is also very easy to shop through Mercens Courier from the ordering platform.

Special Customer Representative

You can discuss all your problems and report your innovative ideas that will add value to your living area with the special customer representative appointed to your apartment. You no longer have to think about what you want to see.


Whether you are a manager or user, view the health of your systems followed by Mercens Living Area Technology and understandably and simply with the monthly observation reports of Mercens staff, and see how your living area is.

Field Support & Technical Support

Technical problems arise from your life with Mercens. The building or structures you manage; If you wish, you can send us all technical problems (construction-electrical-electronic-mechanical-sanitary) with a search option or leave the whole process to Mercens Technical Staff. We immediately inform the reason for the malfunction, the status of the intervention and the price, and we will fix the problem after we receive your confirmation.

Why Mercens Living Area Technology?

Easy Management

Manage and use easily with a high user experience base.


Plan many features such as maintenance, repair and ordering according to the calendar.


Set the accounting and information features, the platform does it for you.


Reduce the duration of long and complex jobs, save time.


See all features related to management and residents transparently.


All your personal data is protected with powerful cryptology algorithms.

    • For residents
    • For anyone who wants to live a decent life in the field of comfort.
      • Dues Tracking
      • Debt Inquiry & Debt Tracking
      • Online Order
      • Special Customer Representative
      • Information Update
      • Reporting
      • E-Journals, Articles
      • Information Messages
    • For Managers
    • For residential managers, shopping mall managers and hotel managers.
      • Dues Tracking
      • Debt Tracking
      • Residents Registration
      • Vehicle License Plate Registration
      • Technical Support & Fail Response
      • Maintenance & Repair Planning
      • Calendar & Planner
      • Special Customer Representative

We Gather on One Roof !

Enough of the chaos of daily life and while the responsibilities of our house are already on us, do not all the extra responsibilities fall our shoulders ?