We are gathering on one roof!

Enough of the chaos of everyday life and while the responsibilities of our house are already above us, do not all the extra responsibilities exhaust us?

Let’s look at the home screen of our phone and computer…
Crowded home screens are actually an indication of the chaos of your life. For example, “How many mobile banking applications do we use?” even asking the question is a mess because; The most difficult asset we can plan today is our money. We use the applications of search engines for the services we want to receive and we enjoy it. We have seen a significant increase in the quality of the services they provide to us.
This is ensured by the approach of a company approaching from a professional point of view both the customer and the service provider companies because; we cannot do everything selflessly during the hustle and bustle of life, and we need a planner, most importantly a guide.
At least if we could handle our basic needs by calling a single person or sending a message?

“I wish all of us had a life assistant!” If we can do our work with a single platform and the employees of this platform offer the services we want with detailed research for us, the screen of our phones would be simple.

You might think whether Mercens Living Area Technology is an assistant, an agent, or a service provider, but the answer is not one of them, it’s all. Mercens; It was born as a solution to the need for separate service providers to eliminate technical problems in our living areas. Mercens users are now able to identify all their technical problems by calling a single number and request solutions. Moreover, it is possible to find a 3-month warranty on the workmanship with Mercens. Mercens officials provided the necessary planning to get the job done, as a team, we realized that the needs were actually higher, and that we needed different platforms to meet our administrative, social and basic needs apart from technical problems.

People, we are gathering on one roof!

Create time. . . You may have heard a lot about saving in recent days but this time is about time. You may think that you are saving money by taking time for everything separately and finding the best and most accurate, but “Your Time” is worn out. Mercens Living Area Technology improves your comfort space and creates time to meet your personal needs.

We will say a few more things that will make you imagine before we go into details. . .

The vast majority of our time is intertwined with technology, and what we’re going to say now is just about it!

Algorithms that collect and compress your watch, calculator, alarm clock, flashlight and much more, have to decompose when it comes to concrete qualities. Why? Because every line of business is different!

Lets think that collecting the decomposed algorithms and assign them an assistant for these algorithms

So how?
With Mercens Living Area Technology.